about coarse

Mark Landwehr
Sven Waschk

Work in the coarse world began in 2003 when German artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk began developing heir unique style of sculpting. Through contemporary art rendered as toys, their sculptural storytelling portrays friendships withering, innocence shattering, and vengeance lurking in the corners.

Over the past ten years the artists have evolved, gaining international recognition and collectors all over the world. The artists focus primarily on statues that range from small to life-size and are made from resin, fiberglass, and wood. They are finished as single pieces or in small limited runs and are entirely crafted by the artists themselves.

After the initial conceptual phase the artists go directly into the sculpting process. Depending on the complexity of the piece it can take months until the shape is finalised. This is followed by mould-making, casting, sanding, detailing and painting in the artists’ Los Angeles studios.

Selected sculptures frequently become limited-run vinyl figure releases. Under the brand “coarse” the sculptures are distributed worldwide in award-winning packages always designed by the artists themselves.

coarse has held solo exhibitions in Tokyo, Chicago, Seoul, and Berlin, gaining a loyal following of collectors around the world. With each new sculpture, coarse creates surreal scenes and stories that evoke a second reality.